Looking to start motorcycle racing or attending track days?

Call Kevin Boisvert At Bayside Performance 604 325 2252
Email: sales@baysideperformance.com

Kevin took the local racing school back in 2004. He quickly moved through the ranks to the front of club racing and joining AMA Pro after just 3 years. He Spent 4 years racing AMA Pro and held a superbike license for 3 of those years.

His knowledge of racing and trackdays is available for free 10am 6pm Mon-Sat at 604 325 2252.

Bayside Performance is Vancouver's premiere motorcycle repair shop.We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the lowest prices in the industry.

With over 25 years of experience we have the knowledge to perform all maintenance and upgrades. We specailize in high end personalized sportbike upgrades from parts to installation we can handle the entire project.

Simply place your order online or by phone and book your bike in.

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Cortech Gear
Dainese Gear
Fly Racing Gear
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Akrapovic Exhaust
Bazzaz Performance
Power Commander
Graves Motorsports
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M4 Exhaust

Attack Performance
Elka Suspension
GP Suspension
GPR Stabilizers
K-Tech Suspension
Ohlins Suspension
Penske Racing Shocks
Scotts Dampers

BST Wheels
Carrozzeria Wheels
Dymag Wheels
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