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At West Coast Superbike School our primary goal is to make every student a smoother, safer and more confident rider.
West Coast Superbike School courses are designed to allow current riders of all levels to develop their skills and techniques in a safe and progressive manner.
Whether you are learning for the street or the track, all riding drills are performed on a closed circuit away from the regular hazards of the street.
Students are always given an opportunity to develop their skills at a pace that is comfortable to the individual and are always grouped with students of similar abilities.

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Students attend the West Coast Superbike School for many reasons.
Some are new to motorcycling and wish to develop their skills and knowledge.
Some are seasoned riders looking to expand and learn more about riding.
Some students have been away from motorcycles for a while and wish to refresh their skills.
Others are looking to take their riding onto the track by attending track days or beginning to compete.
A number of students already compete and are looking to take their racing to the next level

If any of these reasons applies to your situation, then one of our three courses will fill your needs. 

At all of West Coast Superbike School's courses, we promise you three things: your knowledge will increase, your riding will improve, and you will have a blast doing it.

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